Colorado’s Commercial Preservation Tax Credits 101: What are Preservation Tax Credits and Why Should You be Using Them?

A session by Nicole Rosmarino, Joe Saldibar and Ariel Steele
Southern Plains Land Trust, History Colorado and Tax Credit Connection, Inc.

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About this session

Colorado has a generous Historic Preservation Tax Credit program to encourage and support the historic preservation projects in communities all over the state. Do you know how to use the credits to your advantage and what projects could qualify in your community? If not, this is the session for you!

Learn everything you need to understand and apply for the state preservation credits. A walkthrough of how the tax credits are calculated and sold will be given as well as the economic impact the Colorado Historic Preservation Tax Credit program has had so far. The types of improvements that can be applied for will be discussed as well as the requirements for property owners and tenants to qualify. Come to learn how your bottom line could be enhanced through the use of Colorado’s Historic Preservation tax credit program!

Colorado has incentives in place to support historic preservation projects, including a new and revised Historic Preservation Tax Credit. The process of applying and understanding these tax credits, however, can be daunting and dissuade those who could qualify from applying. This beginner session will look at what is needed for a project to qualify for the HPTC, how the tax credits are calculated, and how the sale process works step by step. Attendees will walk through a sample tax credit project and learn pitfalls to be avoided.

In addition to the tax credit process, attendees will hear an update on how may tax credits have been issued to date and the economic impact the program has had since it started. Attendees will hear first-hand from an individual who has used the credits and will provide a case study of their experience.