How to Date and Appreciate Mid-Century Buildings

A session by Wade H. Broadhead, Abigail Christman, Michael Houser and Evan Schueckler
City of Florence, City and County of Denver, State of Washington and City and County of Denver

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About this session

We all know and remember the dating game…. you all know and are familiar with Mid-Century Modern…are you ready to have the two combined like never before!? Join presenters as they play the dating game and act as building 'types' from the Mid-Century era. Two contestants will ask "dating" questions that relate to the architecture and appeal of the era and eventually, both will choose one. Answers and visuals given by the three "types" will teach about the style and why it's worth saving, it should also make you laugh!

This session will present a passionate plea as to why mid-century resources are the best ones to date (an appreciation of mid-century design), how you find your perfect type (identifying common mid-century designs), and how to sustain your relationship (case study look at a mid-century neighborhood preservation effort). Three different presentations will hit on the topics of advocacy and engagement, highlight under-represented resources, and will broaden the audience’s horizons on developing an appreciating a sense of place with mid-century design.

The presenters will utilize present the content in a Mid Century Dating Game Show format with three common Mid Century Housing types as the eligible bachelor/ettes vying for your love and attention. A moderator will quiz the contestants on how their personaified style handled various aspects of Mid-Century, architecture, design, life and social history. Whether you are an expert, or totally new to Mid Century architecture, all attendees should have a good time in this entertaining and informative romp through the past where they may find their true love.