Design Review Roundtable: Sustainability and Affordability

A session by Jim Bertolini, Abigail Christman, Amy Simon and Kelly Wemple
City of Fort Collins, City and County of Denver, City of Aspen and EUA

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About this session

Design review is one of the most powerful tools that communities have to protect their historic resources. But regulating what owners can do with their properties is also one of the most difficult preservation jobs!

Come hear how preservationists from Aspen, Denver, and Fort Collins deal with the challenges and rewards of design review. This year's roundtable will focus on design review as it relates to issues of sustainability and affordability.

The roundtable-style of this session is built around more informal discussion supported by attendees. The roundtable will specifically focus on how issues related to sustainability and affordability can be addressed through design guidelines and design review. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of how design review works, learn how design guidelines can address issues of sustainability and affordability, and understand the variability of preservation approaches across Colorado.

Discussion topics will include considerations of Sustainability – Such as allowing solar panels, energy performance, green materials, green roofs, the durability of materials, site work, and disaster preparedness.