Preservation Happy Hour Trivia

A session by Abigail Christman, Kathleen Corbett and Traci Stoffel
City and County of Denver, Architectural History Services and State of Colorado

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About this session

Are you ready for some trivia?

What British architect was the inspiration for a Janes Bond villain?

Lucy the Elephant resides in what state?

Which magnate funded Colonial Williamsburg?

Grab a drink and end your week competing with your fellow conference attendees. Test your knowledge of preservation and architecture trivia through four rounds of questions with topics such as preservation leaders, famous buildings, tourist destinations, and imaginary places. It’s also an opportunity for armchair travel, seeing what you know about all the places we can’t currently go.

Looking for some friendly competition after a day of sessions? Missing collaborating with your friends and colleagues? Form a trivia team!

How to play:

-Gather friends, coworkers, colleagues, etc. to form a team of up to six people.

-Choose a team name.

-Pick a team leader to sign up your team here: Game instructions will be emailed to the team leader.

-During the game, you will be sent into a breakout room with your team after each round of questions so that you can collaborate on your answers, which you’ll submit online.

-If you aren’t feeling competitive, you’re still welcome to join us and play along on your own. But if you haven’t registered in advance, then you won’t be able submit answers for scoring.