Conveying Our Relevance

A session by Catherine Fleming Bruce, Andrea Carmen, Catherine Croft and Cindy Olnick
Tnovsa Global Commons, International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), Twentieth Century (C20) Society and Cindy Olnick Communications

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About this session

We know preservation is relevant. But does anyone else?

Connecting our work with issues like climate change, affordable housing, and gentrification was a challenge before the world changed. Add a global pandemic, a long-overdue racial reckoning, and an existential threat to our democracy, and we have our work cut out for us. We also have a singular opportunity to clarify what we stand for and convey how cultural heritage can help heal communities.

This session will combine expert insight with dynamic discussion to address the greatest challenges in communicating our relevance. We’ll talk about the U.S. Capitol riot and the meanings we attach to places. We’ll discuss changing attitudes by integrating cultural identity with basic needs and community health. We’ll address the links between Indigenous/traditional knowledge, protection of sacred places, cultural rights, and climate change. We’ll learn how an advocacy group makes Brutalism relevant in England and engages in the treatment of monuments to slave traders. And we’ll look at why messages fail to connect and what we can do about it.

Then we’ll open the discussion to everyone in attendance to share their experiences, challenges, and ideas. Guests will leave the session with practical tips they can use right away, as well as important food for thought to inform strategies in the months and years ahead.