Reboot: State Historical Fund 2021 Program Updates

A session by Dr. Chris Bowles, Sara Doll, Megan Eflin and Gheda Gayou
History Colorado, State Historical Fund, State Historical Fund and History Colorado State Historical Fund

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In the last 30 years, the State Historical Fund (SHF) has awarded more than 4,700 projects totaling over $300 million in funds across all 64 counties. All of our projects adhere to the Secretary of Interior's Standards to ensure that the best treatments and approaches are taken in preserving our past archaeological sites and built environment.

Over the years, communities have evolved and SHF is making it a priority to meet these changes. The 2021 programmatic updates align with increasing individual and group engagement by gathering information to develop the most competitive and beneficial projects for each community served while helping SHF be the best it can be.

Join staff to learn about these updates launching the summer of 2021. Programmatic updates include new grant opportunities, a new competitive grant calendar, program guidebook release, and diversity, equitability, and inclusion work.