Preservation Education - Shaping the Future of a Movement

A session by Tejpaul Baniwal, Michelle Magalong, Lori Pace and Steve Turner
Asian Pacific Islander Americans in Historic Preservation, Asian and Pacific Islanders Americans in Historic Preservation, Changes Paces International and State Historical Fund

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About this session

We will workshop ways in which both the preservation movement and preservation education might better address the J.E.D.I. (justice, equity, diversity & inclusion) principles. Acknowledging we have work to do in this area, training practitioners is an important part of the broader conversation on developing an equitable preservation movement.

As we become intentional in achieving more diversity in the places and stories we pre-serve, finding more ways to include BIPOC perspectives will be critical. In many cases, this effort will start with gaining trust in historically marginalized communities. Session moderator, Lori Pace is well versed in guiding discussions around these issues. Come explore how we can advance and expand the role of historic preservation in the continued support of J.E.D.I. principles. What steps can we actively take to ensure that momentum is maintained in this direction?