Plaster Conservation Practices in Action

A session by Greg Marsters
Owner, Custom Plaster, LLC

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About this session

This session will illustrate the benefits of consolidation, and reattachment of failing plaster systems: versus replacement. You will learn how to identify basic types of plaster assemblies found in historic buildings and gain insight into the assessment of its condition. You will come away with new knowledge about the materials and methods plastering conservators use to breathe new life into old plaster and gain a working vocabulary of plastering terms. As we delve into methodologies used in different assemblies, you will learn many secrets of plaster repair, including plaster over wooden lath, metal lath, and masonry.

Several prominent regional buildings will be featured in making the case for using these technics, and from several perspectives. Participants will come away with resources that will help them make more informed decisions on their own projects.