Lightning Talk: Four Technological Facets of Preservation

A session by Kristen Craig, Nicole Lane, Jon Sargent and David Woodham
Anderson Hallas Architects, Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers, Deep Roots Craftsmen and Atkinson-Noland & Associates

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About this session

Learn about preservation projects and technical topics in a rapid-fire four part presentation. Four presenters will discuss topics that include creative structural solutions to termite damage, utilizing emergency grants, assessing period of significance, and the importance of strategic planning.

Join the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology (APT) as this session dives into topics useful for architects, engineers, historians, building owners, and developers. Four dynamic presentations will cover preservation projects and topics including addressing termite damage with creative structural solutions, utilizing emergency construction and grants to minimize future costs with strategic planning, a case study of a famous artist’s home and studio, as well as an example of how to approach projects which have multiple design styles within the period of significance. Topics will include the following:

“Lessons in Tracking Termite Damage” – Structural exploration and surgical repairs on a historic, fully occupied office building. Attendees will learn about a major potential hidden issue. Most people don’t expect to find extreme structural damage from termites in Colorado.

“Getting Creative with Emergency Grants to Limit Future Costs” – A case study in New Raymer where a motivated owner leveraged CPI's Emergency Grant program to get the best value and avoid future re-work through a combination of mothballing and permanent building additions. Funding is always a challenge and now even more so with reduced grant sizes. Attendees will learn about how relationships created through this conference and our local preservation network and creative brainstorming around strategically phasing projects can help us save buildings that might otherwise be lost due to financial constraints.

“Strategic Assessment of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Home and Studio” – In 2019, a multi-disciplinary team conducted an in-depth assessment of Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The purpose of the assessment was to document the current conditions of the two structures, made recommendations for future work, and provided a framework for the long-term preservation of the structures and site. This case study will highlight how a team of architects, conservators, caretakers and engineers approached an integrated investigation of this historic property.

“Design Across Time” – When designing an addition to an existing building, the design team is charged with balancing the need to provide spaces for the desired new or updated functions of the building with the requirement to respect the existing structure and materiality without replicating the original. This is further complicated when there are several design styles within the period of significance. Learn about opportunities and challenges in designing an addition and rehabilitation for an adobe Visitor Center built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935 with a brick Mission 66 addition.