Creative Placemaking and Engagement in the San Luis Valley

A session by Kylie Brown, Kat Correll, Brian Lujan and Jeff Owsley
Downtown Colorado, Inc., Downtown Colorado, Inc., Town of Center and Colorado Housing + Finance Authority

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About this session

Historic preservation focused on the love of places and the stories they have to tell. Downtown Colorado, Inc. has been working with places, from vacant buildings to underutilized outdoor space to consider activating the places with a question: How can you be engaged in your community? Join this round table to share thoughts on activating spaces with creative placemaking for increased engagement. 

The San Luis Valley is a six-county region of Colorado with a rich history to share with beautiful vistas, historic buildings, and a diverse demographic. As with many rural areas, the San Luis Valley has challenges in connecting the people, the plans, and the places to create a voice that can share the stories of both the past and the dreams for the future. As a new group of leaders emerges, the San Luis Valley is using placemaking to find collaboration, resources, and a voice to share their vision. Join the dynamic Town of Center Challenge Partners as we share some fun ways we have turned places into invitations for engagement.