Colorado’s 2030 Plan: Engagement Goal

A session by Dr. Chris Bowles
Director of Preservation Incentives Programs/Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, History Colorado

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About this session

The national park service requires states to produce a 10-year preservation plan. In 2018, History Colorado began work on its 2030 plan by seeking feedback from communities across the state. These conversations culminated in the current draft of the 2030 State Historic Preservation Plan - Sustaining Colorado through Historic Preservation. This ambitious plan roots the next decade of preservation through this vision: by 2030, all Coloradans will understand, value, and practice historic preservation as a fundamental tool for sustainable development within the state.

The 2030 State Historic Preservation Plan is intended to present an ambitious and proactive response to the social, economic, and environmental challenges we increasingly face as we approach the middle of the 21st century. While much groundwork has been laid in these three arenas by Colorado’s preservation community, this plan hopes to focus the minds of the sector and local communities alike on using preservation as a positive tool for the benefit of all Coloradans and the environment.

Over four sessions at the Saving Places Conference, we will explore the ways in which preservation can shape Colorado's future through its connections to social equity and justice, economic development, and environmental sustainability. The sessions over Friday, February 12 will examine each of the plan’s 5 goals: preservation, education, celebration, engagement, and building connections.

Join this third session (of four) to get explore the Engagement Goal of the 2030 plan. Following brief presentations on the goals, attendees will be broken into small groups to discuss specific and related questions. Key findings will be presented to all, and the session will conclude with a discussion of how the plan will be implemented.