Jeannie Vanderburg

Jeannie Vanderburg

Senior Associate
The Capstone Group

February 10, 2021, 07:30 PM

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About this Speaker

Jeannie was born and raised in a Victorian home in the Witter-Coefield Historic District in Northwest Denver. From an early age she was knocking doors for political candidates and attending election night parties. While at the University of Colorado, she chose to study Political Science and never looked back. She also studied US Middle Eastern Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Jeannie graduated and began work as a research assistant at JVA Consulting. However, she missed being in the fray of politics day to day, and accepted a position with The Capstone Group. She quickly proved an invaluable member of the team, monitoring policy debates, developing expertise in the state’s budget process, and creating new events and communication opportunities for clients. As a Senior Associate, Jeannie has achieved success on behalf of clients promoting child welfare, mental health, and business friendly policies under the gold dome. She has worked with the Preservation Policy Committee to educate legislators about the important role preservation plays in the economic vitality of Colorado’s small rural towns and ensuring preservation advocates have the tools they need to engage their legislators on the top needs of the preservation community. She also directs the Capstone Group’s spring internships program at the State Capitol, and all client and political events. During the interim, she actively works with clients on political giving strategy, as well as monitoring interim legislative committee activities.