Jake Powell

Jake Powell

GNAR Initiative Lead & Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in LAEP
Utah State University

February 10, 2021, 05:30 PM

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About this Speaker

Jake Powell is an Extension Specialist within Utah State University’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. Jake assists in accomplishing USU Extension’s mission of serving the communities and people of Utah by working with communities and organizations to assist in community planning and design challenges. Much of Jake’s work is connected to the Gateway and Natural Amenity Resources (GNAR) initiative which is geared toward communities that are changing due to increased amenity migration in an era when working from anywhere drives people to live and work in beautiful locations. Jake works with an interdisciplinary group of researchers, support organizations, and practitioners to help the GNAR Initiative connect gateway communities at all stages of development with research, data, and lessons learned to avoid communities already strapped for resources having to reinvent the preverbal wheel. Jake believes there is wisdom in abundance already within GNAR communities that can be shared to protect and enhance what makes these communities special.