Cynthia Nieb

Cynthia Nieb

Director Economic Development & Urban Renewal LiveWell Park for all ages
City of La Junta

February 10, 2021, 07:30 PM

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About this Speaker

A native of Michigan, Cynthia spent numerous years at graduate institutions studying art history, architectural history, regional and city planning, and modern American History and Western European History. She holds a Master’s Degree in American History from Cornell University. Since her graduate years, economic development, historic preservation, grant administration, grant writing, non-profit management, project administration, seminar development and presentation, community development, and business coaching have been her focus. Her most recent past position was as the Director of the State Historical Fund, and she is currently engaged by the City of La Junta as the Director of Development, Main Street, and the Urban Renewal Authority. She likes to write grants, organize projects, and help people thrive. She lives in beautiful La Junta with her 92-year-old father, gentleman Aussiedoodle Alfie, and rogue cat Poirot.